This Is ME !

I'm changing each and everyday... You never know which ME you're going to get, I'm still trying to find myself and getting my whole life together so I'm taking on the world with NO Worries NO Fears and NO Cares. So Just watch out for me!

#truth #beautifulwomen


Working on my novels gradually…. Im reading other novels to get some inspiration on how to make my stories more spicier

This girl is my life shes the best thing ever i love my babygirl


Sorry I havent been on here in so long, I have been so busy 

Havent been on here in a while been soo busy with my life love ya’ll tho


Balloon Muppets (via pbsparents) that don’t have to do with anything!! Why? 

Because I have a post called, 12 Very Important Questions That I’d Like To Have Answered, on the Huffington Post right now, this VERY second, and I hope that you’ll go there, click on it for a few hours over and over and over, and then write loving comments below it.

Maybe something like, “Melissa, do they give Pulitzers or Nobel Prizes or fruit baskets for 300-word blog posts? If so, who do I call or bribe on your behalf? Also, your hair looks great today.”


Sorry i forgot my password havent been on here will be back tho :)